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Our Team:

Our team is made of up entirely of volunteers who live and breath this program, the Veterans, and the Service Dogs.  They give tirelessly of themselves and their resources. 

Our founder, head dog trainer, trainer of dog trainers, Veterans' advocate, and all around humble human being.  Milana is truly devoted to each and every being in the organization.  We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for her compassion, drive and dedication.

Canine Companion:  Leia

Jason Batson
Operations Officer

"First Sergeant" as he's known to the group served multiple deployments in the Middle East and elsewhere with the Marine Corps.  He is a calm and steady guiding presence within RWB.

Canine Companion:  Cara

Roxie Johnson

Served in the Marines 1972-1986 going from the rank of Private to Sergeant and Second

Lieutenant to Major. He devotes his time to organizations aligned with helping Veterans in

managing life after military service. Dr. Carter is active in advocating for Veteran’s care and

rights. He is Vice Commander of the Southern Nevada POW Chapter.

Canine Companion:  Semper Fi

Guillermo Ortiz

Served in the Army, served 16 month tour in Iraq, he is a dog trainer for our group.  He has a grounded no nonsense approach to RWB and a smile ready to share with all.

Canine Companion: Sky

Nyssa Lunetta

Retired USAF, served two tours in Afghanistan, she is a dog trainer for our group and Veterans' Advocate.  Roxie views RWB as family and working in the organization pays forward to brothers and sisters in uniform.

Canine Companion:  Harper

Founder/Chief Operations Officer
Milana Rice
me and Ford.jpg
Dr. Marvin Carter

The General as he's fondly referred to within the group has been an advisor and staunch supporter.  He is there to offer support and advice through a multitude of issues surrounding the navigation of the military complex.

He served in the United States Marine Corps for 37 years, starting as a lieutenant in the infantry and progressed up the ranks.  He was stationed in many capacities in the U.S. and around the globe.

We thank him sincerely for his continued faithful championing of our mission.

Lt. General Emil R. "Buck" Bedard
Special Advisor & Supporter
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