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This is Vandal. He is named after the soldiers with the call sign Vandal (our Army and National Guard trainers of the ANA – Afghan National Army). Vandals teach and protect at the same time – securing roads, passageways and villages – without complaint and knowing the odds of survival. Truly tough yet dedicated, Vandal is named for those soldiers who chose to train the ANA, taking the path less traveled without quitting.

This is Sarge. He is named in honor of Sgt. Robert Richards (USMC) who deployed 3 times to war for his country -- the 3rd time at the request of his commanding officer. Tenacious and loyal, Sgt. Richards passed from toxic poisoning seemingly abandoned. Unable to right any wrongs done to Richards, we hope Sarge will carry on his qualities.

In early summer of 2015 we helped another rescue organization by adopting a litter of eight puppies from an ailing mother.  This allowed the rescue to concentrate on the care of the mother.  As soon as we rescued the puppies, I wanted to name them for significant figures or ideals.  We will never be able to fill the spaces left behind by our Soldiers, but we can help tell their story.   Soldiers who were put in dreadful situations but they fought to overcome the impossible and that’s why we are the Greatest Nation in the world.  Home of the Free, because of the Brave. – MP Leonard

This is Cara which is the Gaelic word for Friend. She is named in Honor of LCPL Colton Rusk and his MWD (Military Working Dog) Eli, because they embodied friendship.  While Eli now lives with Colton's family, he remains loyal and attentive just like Cara. She seems to know when you need her - sensing emotions well like a friend should - just like Eli was there for Colton and so many other dogs are for their handlers. May Cara continue the legacy of friendship.

This is Grunt.  He is named in honor of all of our Infantrymen -- the backbone of every war we have ever encountered.  They are the epitome of what makes our country great…rugged, strong and unwavering in dedication. Thank you for all you’ve done, are doing and will do as a proud Grunt. We will never forget what it takes to earn that name.

This is Recon, named for all the Reconnaissance Bosses who make silent and swift, deadly. This pup is named in your honor.  Recons always have an energy about them; never overly confident or cocky but intense leaders nonetheless. Most of us will never know how much you’ve done, as Recons keep their stories tightly bound; however, we will never forget your commitment.

This is Fox.  She is named in honor of MARSOC - Fox Company USMC - Major Fred Galvin and his Special Ops team. Like Fox herself, honesty, integrity and perseverance, defined her namesake.  After much accusation and eventual exoneration, Fox Co’s mantra should be ‘Lead by Example’.  Fox members will always tell the real story of Fox Company and March 4, 2007 when against all odds, they persevered and overcame where lesser soldiers would have died.

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